22nd July 2022

The Internet Internet traffic / Website resolutions

Internet connectivity for some of our clients may be interrupted. Access to certain websites may be not possible. We are investigating this outage with our providers and will update this status page with more news soon.

Update 15:00 Current Action Plan: At this juncture, it has been determined that several internet tunnels are currently flapping. We are working to determine as to why the tunnels are flapping in order for restoration works to begin. At this point, we are unable to provide an estimated time of repair however once one is available we will provide it as soon as possible. We apologise for the disruption and hope to have a further update soon.

update 24/7 Network Cards at two network locations replaced. The remaining two costed out links are internal to CityFibre and there is no impact to customers and will be forward managed separately

Resolved: 14:31 (Customer impact resolved post card Swap out at 19:25 on Saturday 23rd July)